Euphoria System 260 System prysznicowy z termostatem do montażu ściennego

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phantom black
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The Euphoria 260 thermostatic shower system in stunning phantom black – distinctive design, maximum protection and premium performance!

The phantom black Euphoria 260, a super stylish and very smart thermostatic shower system, is ideal for both new projects and upgrades. Precise operation is easy using the GROHE ProGrip handles with textured surface – even with soapy hands. Set your favourite temperature with GROHE TurboStat and the water will stay just how you like it even if the supply fluctuates. And safety is guaranteed as GROHE CoolTouch ensures the entire thermostat body never gets too hot to touch. The easy-to-use GROHE SafeStop feature limits the water temperature to a maximum of 38˚C – great for giving children independence in the bathroom – but can be raised for adults by unlocking the handle via the button. And the optional GROHE SafeStop Plus temperature limiter can be set to limit to 43°C for an extra level of safety. The AquaDimmer's handle lets you effortlessly control the volume of water while also directing the flow between the head and hand shower. GROHE DreamSpray means the water coming from every nozzle of the head or hand shower is even. And the SpeedClean nozzles are easy to keep free of dirt and limescale. The 260mm diameter head shower has a 450mm swivel arm. Enjoy the luxury of 3 spray zones: simply turn the button in the centre of the spray plate to select the spray zone that perfectly matches your mood. The powerful and focused Jet Spray is ideal for an invigorating head massage or washing out shampoo; the SmartRain Spray is wider for a revitalising yet relaxing shower; and the all enveloping Rain Spray uses all the nozzles on the 260mm spray plate for full body coverage and a truly soothing experience. The 110mm diameter hand shower, which comes with a 1750mm hose with TwistStop feature, also has three great sprays: soft Rain, water-saving SmartRain and the powerful Massage Spray. And the GROHE Water Saving technology limits the water flow to sustainable 9.5 l/min but still delivers satisfying indulgence, while the hard-wearing and low-maintenance GROHE Long-Life finish keeps the system looking immaculate even after years of use. Thanks to GROHE FastFixation it can be installed quite easily using existing drill holes as the upper bracket is adjustable. For added convenience simply add the GROHE EasyReach tray (26362LN1), a great place to keep soaps and shampoos, which is sold separately. The GROHE Euphoria 260 shower system – showering pleasure guaranteed!

  • elementy składowe:
  • poziome obrotowe ramię 450 mm
  • termostat natynkowy z funkcją Aquadimmer
  • przełącznik: deszczownica/ prysznic ręczny
  • deszczownica Euphoria 260
  • 3 rodzaje strumienia:
  • Rain, SmartRain, Jet
  • z przegubem kulowym
  • kąt obrotu ± 15°
  • hand shower Euphoria 110 Massage
  • 3 rodzaje strumienia:
  • Rain, Massage, SmartRain
  • regulowany uchwyt prysznica
  • Silverflex wąż prysznicowy 1750 mm (28 388)
  • GROHE TurboStat głowica termostatyczna
  • GROHE SafeStop blokada na 38°C
  • GROHE SafeStop Plus w zestawie opcjonalny ogranicznik temperatury 43°C
  • GROHE CoolTouch brak ryzyka oparzeń o gorące powierzchnie
  • GROHE ProGrip uchwyty z radełkowaną strukturą
  • GROHE DreamSpray perfekcyjny natrysk
  • GROHE SprayDimmer (bezstopniowa redukcja przepływu)
  • GROHE Water Saving ogranicznik przepływu 9,5 l/min
  • GROHE FastFixation regulowane górne mocowanie
  • wewnętrzny kanał wodny
  • SpeedClean system przeciw osadom wapiennym
  • TwistStop system zapobiegający skręcaniu węża prysznicowego
  • przystosowany do podgrzewaczy przepływowych o mocy min. 18 kW
  • min. przepływ 7 l/min.
  • wyposażenie opcjonalne: GROHE EasyReach półka (26 362 LN0); zamawiana osobno
  • Wariant produktu: Professional

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